String Music

John Bass LRAM

Professional musician and specialist music teacher

John Bass LRAM ~ professional string music arranger


















I have been arranging/composing music since I was a teenager and still enjoy it as much now as I did then!

I believe that all styles of music should be available for all kinds of musicians.

I love producing arrangements of music that would not normally be expected of a string group.







Parlor Dance & Ariella Strings


I recently took part in a one day community project in collaboration with "Parlor Dance" to create a dance/music performance which was then performed outside Milton Keynes Theatre.


This was in collaboration with Milton Keynes Council, Ariella Strings and Parlor Dance.


The performance was an amusing depiction of shopping in Milton Keynes City Centre.


Please excuse the loud music from the theatre!


Dancers: Katie Braden, Michael Spenceley and Paul Davies.


Choreographer: Helen Parlor


Violinist: John Bass


This is what music and dance is all about - getting out into the community and sharing

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